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API Response Reference


By default all responses sent from the TextWise API will be in formatted as XML. In addition to XML all services may be instructed to return JSON which can be used directly by any JavaScript engine. The beginning of every successful response will always contain the "about" section, followed by the data produced by the service that was called. If for some reason an error was to occur, the returned response will not contain a response section and will instead contain a message section describing the error. The following table defines the errors that can be returned by the API.

TW Code HTTP Status Code Message Explanation
1xx - Client Authentication/Authorization Errors
101 400 'No token' An authentication token was not included as the first node of the request path.
102 403 'Invalid token' The token included with the request as the first node is not authenticated to use the system. The most common causes of this are a simple typo, or the email confirmation has not been completed. The system will return this error until the confirmation is complete.
110 403 'No Auth For Service' The TOKEN specified in the request path is not authenticated to use the service specified.
2xx - Client Request Errors
200 404 'No Such Service' The service specified in the request path does not exist in the TextWise API.
210 400 'Invalid Argument' The service requested could not execute correctly because of a missing/invalid parameter or setting.
211 400 'Invalid URI' The URI sent to the API as a parameter is malformed. Web Page URLs sent via the URI parameter must start with http:// to be valid.
212 400 'Invalid Format' The format parameter specified an invalid format for the requested service.
221 400 'No input' No valid content was indicated. This can mean no URI, content parameter, or request body was sent. It can also mean that the content was too short for the service to use.
222 400 'Invalid Input' There was input found in the request. However, it was either malformed, binary, or not encoded in such a way that it is usable by the system.
223 413 'Maximum Length Exceeded' Your request has exceeded our system's configured maximum content length. To prevent this from happening you should write your program to limit content sent to no more than 1000 characters for a GET request, and no more than 200,000 characters for a POST or PUT request.
224 400 'Offset Out Of Range' Only applicable to match requests. This indicates you have provided a result offset that is too large for the index you are matching against.
3xx - Client Limit Errors
300 509 'Over load limit' Your requests to the API have exceeded the maximum allowable requests per second. You should code your application to rate-limit your requests. The default setting is 10 requests per second.
301 509 'Over minute limit' The number of requests to the API have exceeded the maximum allowable requests per minute.
302 509 'Over hour limit' The number of requests to the API have exceeded the maximum allowable requests per hour.
303 509 'Over day limit' The number of requests to the API have exceeded the maximum allowable requests per day. The daily limit is set based on the number allowed per month. The daily default is 20,000 requests.
304 509 'Over month limit' The number of requests to the API have exceeded the maximum allowable requests per month. The monthly limit is set based on the licensing agreement. The monthly default is 750,000 per month (note that this limit will never be met with the current daily limit of 20,000 requests).
305 509 'Over total limit' The number of requests to the API have exceeded the total limit of requests.
4xx - Server Errors
400 503 'API Not Available' The API is offline. This could be due to any number of reasons but is most likely due to a short maintenance task. If this error occurs, just try again at a later time.
401 400 'Unknown IO Error' An unknown I/O error has occurred.
411 502 'Failure Fetching Content' The Content indicated by the URL specified in the request could not be retrieved.
412 422 'No Significant Words' The provided content does not have enough words to produce a meaningful result.
413 409 'Update In Progress' A previously sent index update is being processed by the system and this live update cannot be performed at this time.
414 412 'Too Many Items For Live Update' A live update has be requested with more items then the configured maximum for your index. The update will not be performed.
415 400 'XML Schema or Parsing Error' The uploaded XML file for an index update cannot be parsed, does not comply to the index upload schema, or contains data that does not comply with the file format associated with uploaded file's extension.
416 509 'Over capacity and trying to add items' The index that the user is trying to add items to has reached its maximum capacity. No more items can be added to the index until some of the existing items are deleted using a file upload that contains DELETE operations for the items to remove.
417 404 'Item not found for match request' No item was found for the sourceContentId or sourceExternalId parameter used in an index item input match call.

XML Error Response Example

  <message code="103" string="Invalid token"/>

JSON Error Response Example

	"message" : {
		"messageCode" : "103",
		"messageText" : "Invalid token"