IP.com’s Brian McGlynn and Jeff Cozzo will be presenting on Tuesday, May 5 at the Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) Annual Conference in Lombard, IL on “Tracing the Evolution of Innovation: How Predictive Analytics are being used within Cognitive Intelligence Research to Drive Business Decisions.”


Wouldn’t it be valuable to know what the stock market will do tomorrow? Or perhaps, predict the cost to your company if management made the wrong business decision? When data scientists ask the right questions using predictive analytics, they’re often able to address identifiable business challenges, and perhaps more importantly, discover the unknown.

Predictive analytics provide insight to patterns worth understanding – which can now be available to you. You just have to know how to ask the right question which can lead to your findings making a strategic difference to your company. Learn how Data Scientists and Applied Linguistic professionals have analyzed the evolution of industry terminology and related concepts to view patent results over the past decade

IP.com’s proprietary cognitive intelligence technology drives the InnovationQ Patent and Non-Patent Literature search platform. InnovationQ is quickly gaining acceptance as the core resource organizations make complex business decisions around their current and future innovations. The IP.com big data solution will extend your contribution across the enterprise.

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