What our clients say about us:
  • "InnovationQ by IP.com is a key tool in our toolbox and is the go-to IP intelligence resource for SUNY's commercialization and business development professionals."
    The Research Foundation for SUNY
  • "We received an invention disclosure and conducted a patentability search. When we turned to IP.com's Prior Art Database to search the non-patent literature, we found three to four publications that were dead on with respect to the invention being searched."  
  • "IP.com’s InnovationQ uniquely allows organizations to discover the value within their intellectual property. Our time is spent on understanding the IP issues and opportunities at hand and not on learning the intricacies of a complex software tool."
    Kodak Alaris
  • "Our publications are available on IP.com. We routinely publish technological developments that we do not pursue as patents to share information that not only helps patent examiners but also encourages innovation."
  • "Providing our information to IP.com will give patent examiners the ammunition they need to object to questionable patent applications."
    SAS Institute

IP.com’s clients cover a wide variety of industries including:
Food & Beverage
Computer Technology
Higher Education
Internet Technology
Security Establishments